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Publishes September 2020

• Seen by tens of thousands of people attending dozens of shows throughout the year.

• Distributed over nine-month period.

• Complete guide to upcoming shows and the personalities behind them.

• Free advertisement included in digital version with link to your website.

• All participating businesses included in business directory.

Captive audience guaranteed!

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Partners are businesses that advertise in at least five issues of Indian River Magazine or its sister publications, Treasure Coast Business, Port St. Lucie Magazine, Fort Pierce Magazine, the St. Lucie Travel Guide, Sunrise Theatre playbill and Emerson Center program.

• Prices below apply only for clients advertising in at least 5 or more of the magazines seen on this page and through annual signup period ending Dec. 15. Open rate applies otherwise.
• Free listing of your business, along with a link to your website, in the directories that appear on the home pages of and ($600 value)
• Free promotions about your business and your business’s name, phone number and website, with direct link, in our weekly e-newsletter sent to thousands of businesses and readers throughout the Treasure Coast every week. (limitations apply) ($600 value)
• Promotions about your business on our Treasure Coast Business Web site. ($500 value)

In addition, as an advertising partner, you will also receive: • A listing with your business name, website and phone number in every printed edition in which you advertise • Free photo sessions (limitations apply) • Free display of your ad in the digital editions • Use of advertising for other publications • Ample complimentary magazines to distribute to customers and clients

Summer 2020

INDIAN RIVER MAGAZINE - Publishes January, March, May, October, November
Award-winning Indian River is the largest and leading magazine on the Treasure Coast serving St. Lucie, Martin, and Indian River Counties

  • Quarter page $395 (per issue)
  • Half page $595 (per issue)
  • Full page $1,060 (per issue)
Treasure Coast Business MagazineTREASURE COAST BUSINESS - Publishes January, April, July, October
Only business magazine on Treasure Coast. This quarterly magazine covers business in St. Lucie, Martin and Indian River counties.

  • Quarter page $395
  • Half page $595
  • Full page $1,060

PORT ST. LUCIE MAGAZINE - Publishes January, March, May, September
Leading and largest magazine in Port St. Lucie.

  • Quarter page $395
  • Half page $595
  • Full page $1,060
Fort Pierce Magazine 2014

FORT PIERCE MAGAZINE - Publishes February
Annual magazine providing highlights and a guide to the Sunrise City.

  • Quarter page $395
  • Half page $595
  • Full page $1,060
Sunrise Theatre playbillSUNRISE THEATRE PLAYBILL - Publishes September
Guide to dozens of shows at the the largest performing arts hall on the Treasure Coast.

  • Quarter page $395
  • Half page $595
  • Full page $1,060
Guide to the wide-ranging performances at the Emerson Center in Vero Beach.

  • Quarter page $395
  • Half page $595
  • Full page $1,060
ST. LUCIE TRAVEL GUIDE - Publishes December
The official travel guide to St. Lucie County produced with St. Lucie County Tourism.

  • Quarter page $395
  • Half page $595
  • Full page $1,060
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