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I want to advertise in the Sunrise Theatre playbill
Thank you for your interest in advertising in the 2019-20 edition of 1,200-seat Sunrise Theatre, the largest performing arts hall on the Treasure Coast. The playbill, produced by Indian River Magazine Inc., publishes in September 2019 and will be distributed throughout the Treasure Coast and at the theater throughout the season. Questions marked by * are required.
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  • Quarter page $450
  • Half page $650
  • Full page $1,250
  • Full page on pages 2-10 $1,295
  • Front inside cover $2,200
  • Back Inside cover $1,900
Would you like Indian River Magazine to create your ad or will your business or ad agency be providing the ad?

  • I want Indian River Magazine to create my ad
  • My business or ad agency will provide the ad
I agree to advertise in the 2019/20 Sunrise Theatre playbill in the quantity I checked above and represent that my business will be responsible for payment. I understand that failure to pay for my advertisement could result in an 18 percent annual interest rate and payment of collection, court and attorney fees. Most recent relevant ad will be used when good faith efforts to contact advertiser are unsuccessful. I also understand that purchasing advertising in the Sunrise playbill does not constitute a direct contribution to the Sunrise Theatre. *

  • I Agree
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