Best of Boating

Two happy anglers aboard the Last Mango

Charting rough waters

Sportfishing charter boat captains are a tough breed. They have to be, living a sometimes precarious life chasing elusive fish every day for their livelihoods.

A competent charter captain always has to know where the fish are hiding and to be able to put his clients on the fish on demand. That’s hard enough to achieve during normal times, but the pandemic added yet another challenge for these rugged one-man entrepreneurs.

The early months of the pandemic sent shockwaves through the Treasure Coast fishing community...

Summer fishing tournaments

Anglers, get ready! Spring, summer and fall fishing tournaments will keep you busy chasing that prizewinner.

We don’t promise to have all of them here but this list is a great start...

US Sailing Center of Martin County at Jensen Beach

On course forever

The sport of sailing has always been dominated by wealthy white males but the US Sailing Center in Jensen Beach has all hands on deck to shake up the status quo.

“Looking out from the center I see 10 girls out there, rigging boats right now,” says Alan Jenkinson, executive director of the US Sailing Center of Martin County.

He’s the one plotting the course for change, starting with local kids...