1115 21st St., Vero Beach

Pizza Mia offers the most amazing selection of pizza you might ever hope to see. They enjoy coming up with new ones all the time, giving customers a chance to try something different each time they come.

Chef and owner Peter Schaeperkoetter loves to come to work and create something new, says his wife, Lydia. “He makes his pizza out of love,” she says.

Throughout the day, Pizza Mia has pizza slices on hand, and not just the same ones every day. “This lets people try something new all the time,” she says. Customers can buy a sampler of different slices too.

Specialty pizzas include the eggplant parmesan, the BBQ chicken, the taco pizza, the Buffalo chicken pizza and so many more. The list of pizzas is on their website, and they list all the ingredients for each one.

You’ll find the traditional thick-crust Sicilian pizza and the interesting thin and crisp Grandma pizza — with an Old World flavor that is just like Grandma used to make. Then there’s the Hawaiian, the margarita, and the meat-lover’s pizza. Hungry yet?

“I go to West Palm Beach to get the freshest ingredients,” Lydia Schaeperkoetter says. Once she brings home the groceries, her husband works his magic to create the pizzas that people keep coming back for more.

Pizza Mia offers craft beer, wine and soft drinks to wash down those pizzas.


"Excellent crust and tasty toppings. Service is the best."

"Best variety, delicious pizza, friendly staff."

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