3500 Ocean Drive, Vero Beach

A sense of elegant luxury greets clients as they enter White Orchid Spa in Vero Beach. A feeling of relaxation and “time for me” adds to the pleasure of being where you are all that matters.

The staff at White Orchid Spa will do everything they can to maintain that feeling, from making sure they understand what you want, being attentive to every little detail and making sure that when you leave, you take with you a feeling of having been on vacation, away from the cares of daily life. Who wouldn’t relish that?

The spa has been open for nine years, says spa director Brittany Nuzzi. In the past year the spa opened its brow and lash studio for clients who want to fill in sparse brows or add definition, add lash extensions or even treat receding hairlines.

Spa clients can choose the day spa or the med spa. The day spa features manicures and pedicures, skin treatments, massage therapies and more. The med spa offers a large array of the latest advances in nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. Nurse practitioners help you decide what to do.

White Orchid offers memberships for those who want to put their treatments on a schedule at a discount. “Memberships are an easy way to make your beauty and wellness routine convenient and affordable,” Nuzzi says.

The spa is in a 6,000-square-foot beachfront building which sets the tone for the spa’s soothing environment.


"So relaxing; attentive staff."

"Luxurious menu offerings, sweet staff, always feel great after leaving."

"Luxurious, multitude of offerings, exceptional customer service."

"Everyone there is a class act and guests are treated wonderfully from check-in to check-out."

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