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Stephen N. Gladwin

'Our Soldier Boy’ of World War I'

The name Stephen N. Gladwin was a familiar one to me growing up in Fort Pierce. I first saw the name etched in the World War I memorial monument on the grounds of the St. Lucie County Courthouse, undoubtedly after seeing a movie at the Sunrise Theatre across the street.

Carlos Barrena and Anne Abood

A life of musical clarity

Believe it or not, Fort Pierce enjoyed a golden age of opera. Beginning in 1979 and lasting three decades, this city was home to the Treasure Coast Opera, which produced three or four operas every winter season and a musical or two many summers.

downtown Fort Pierce

Beautiful downtown gets national praise

The Reader’s Digest says Fort Pierce possesses one of the most beautiful main streets in America.

Port of Fort Pierce

Airport and port growth for more jobs

Seaplanes. Mega-yachts. Boeing and Embraer aircraft. Expect them in Fort Pierce soon. The Sunrise City has an economic boom on its hands.

Festival-goers stop by the Navy SEAL Museum exhibit

An illustrious past observed

It might have been more fitting to rename Second Street “Memory Lane” during the third annual Treasure Coast History Festival held in downtown Fort Pierce.

Moon Lueg family

The family that launched new cuisine for locals

A warm climate, fertile soil and the possibility of year-long farming led a young New Jersey farmer and family man to St. Lucie County back in the 1940s.

Rescuing strays to help neighborhoods

Cats running loose in the neighborhood present a dilemma for residents who feel sorry for the wild animals but at the same time need order in their communities. Feral or lost cats can procreate at alarming rates when left on their own, leading to necessary capture and eventual death in many cases.

Caleta Scott


Fort Pierce native Caleta Scott grew up in Miami and worked in Atlanta for several years after college, but now she’s back in her hometown working on behalf of the Lincoln Park neighborhood she loves.

Osmond C. “Pete” Peterson


As a contractor, Osmond C. “Pete” Peterson was a major contributor to the construction of buildings and developments throughout Fort Pierce.

Annmarie Loveridge


After 10 years as president of the Lakelas Mint Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society, Annmarie Loveridge is hanging up her garden gloves and pruning shears.

SLC Fair Midway

Events around the city

Upcoming events February-December 2019

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