Tribute to Dot Adams

As we prepare on Wednesday to celebrate the life of Dorothy Snively “Dot Adam,’’ wife of late iconic rancher Bud Adams, we pay tribute to her pioneering spirit. Dot was a Cypress Gardens Belle from Winter Haven attending Florida State University when she met Bud, a student attending rival University of Florida. Bud called her “the best looking girl at FSU.’’ After they married in 1949, they made their home at Adams Ranch west of Fort Pierce, where Dot embraced the rugged lifestyle. Read more...

Two New Restaurants to Open
in Downtown Fort Pierce

Two new restaurants are planned for Fort Pierce in a partnership that includes the Adams Ranch, a downtown Fort Pierce developer and a Vero Beach restaurateur.

Family En Route To Keys in Search of Former FP Man

Siblings of Jimmy Willis are headed to the Florida Keys today in hopes of discovering what happened to their brother, a former Fort Pierce man who has been missing since Hurricane Irma sank his boat near Key West.


Family From Treasure Coast Hoping Hurricane Casualty Is Not Their Brother

A family with deep ties to the Treasure Coast is hoping to make contact with their brother from whom they haven’t heard since Hurricane Irma swept through the Florida Keys last weekend.

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