Former Fort Pierce woman joins global voyage to fight plastic pollution

Growing up on Hutchinson Island with the Indian River as a playground, Rikki Grober Eriksen relished long sails with her father, the late and loved orthopeadic surgeon Ron Grober, and developed a love of all things marine.

Little wonder that she became a marine scientist, earning her phD and going on to hold her current position of marine ecologist at the California Marine Sanctuary Foundation. And next week she will embark on a leg of a journey, leaving the Azores Oct. 27 and arriving in Antigua Nov. 18, that is taking women on a voyage around the world to raise awareness of plastic pollution and its effect women’s health. Read more...

a thrip feasts on a Brazilian peppertree leaf

Insect released at Adams Ranch will target Brazilian peppertree

Mike Adams spends $250,000 every year to manage Brazilian peppertrees spread over the family’s 40,000 acres of ranches in Osceola and St. Lucie counties, where his family has developed the Braford breed of cattle. Adams, whose family ranch was founded in 1937, recounts years when the invasive tree from South America overtook natural areas on the ranches, pushing out pasture and grasslands. Read more...

Tribute to Dot Adams

As we prepare on Wednesday to celebrate the life of Dorothy Snively “Dot Adam,’’ wife of late iconic rancher Bud Adams, we pay tribute to her pioneering spirit. Dot was a Cypress Gardens Belle from Winter Haven attending Florida State University when she met Bud, a student attending rival University of Florida. Bud called her “the best looking girl at FSU.’’ After they married in 1949, they made their home at Adams Ranch west of Fort Pierce, where Dot embraced the rugged lifestyle. Read more...

Vero Beach Choral Director to Make Carnegie Hall Debut

NEW YORK, NY, February 13, 2019 – Ray Adams has been conducting choirs in Vero Beach for 35 years, preparing them on several occasions to sing at New York’s Carnegie Hall for other conductors. But on Sunday, March 31 at 2 pm, as part of MidAmerica Productions’ 36th annual concert season, he will ascend the fabled podium for the first time to lead a choir of more than 140 voices – including singers from two Vero Beach groups – and the New England Symphonic Ensemble, in the exuberant Gloria by British composer John Rutter. Read more...

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