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The Port St. Lucie Community Band

Talented locals play enchanting sounds for you

Anything that brings people of all races, ages and backgrounds together is a good thing. When it includes entertainment for all, it’s a great thing.

family roomDiscover a dream house within peaceful splendor

After a daily commute between Hobe Sound and Sebastian for two years, Michael and Sue Stutzke discovered their dream house in Tesoro.

Clare Stege

Independent and assisted living choices for seniors

When considering a nursing home or assisted care, there may be no better place to live the golden years than Port St. Lucie.

Good Samaritan women’s program director Sara O’Leary, right,

Living quarters and recovery for men, women and children

The phrase “Good Samaritan” is part of our vernacular, meaning a person who helps others.

students are taught by experts

Opportunities to study for unique trades and future jobs

Gobnait Zick has been waiting a long time for a school that could provide hands-on training in a trade for her son. The sixth-grader’s heart has been set on attending a vocational-technical school that would give him as many options as possible.


When she moved to Port St. Lucie after graduation from high school in 2000, Rochelle Popp-Finch had no idea how much her life’s goals and educational plans were going to change.

Lou Wolfson


World War I was ending when Lou Wolfson was born in Moscow, Pennsylvania, to two immigrant parents from outside Moscow, Russia.


Musical directors are adept at using their hands to signal tempo and volume changes. Perhaps that’s why Joyce Milligan, formerly a music teacher, makes a successful school crossing guard, orchestrating complicated traffic patterns in order to protect the sweetest music of all: children.


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