Treasure Coast Medical Report

The Source Assistant Director Maureen Archer and Executive Director Anthony Zorbaugh

Homeless medicine

For people who are homeless in the tri-county area, there are a variety of places to receive immediate care for their physical and mental well-being. Non-profit organizations with hundreds of volunteers support efforts to provide medical treatment, mental health counseling and services that include meals, clothing and rides to doctors’ appointments.

Artist Barry Shapiro helps patient Antonio Jenkins

Alternative medicine

Cancer. The word alone sends chills up and down the spine. Images of sitting in a room for hours at a time, worrying about the outcome, run through the mind. It’s part of the treatment process, but it doesn’t have to be as miserable as some think. What if one could pass that time by creating a work of art or by listening to some cool jazz? It might just make the treatment a little more tolerable.

Mum Ball

Chrysanthemum Ball raises life-saving funds for a quarter century

The Chrysanthemum Ball, or the Mum Ball as locals call it, is one of the premier fundraising events that kicks off the social season in Martin County. Attendees come dressed to the nines at the black tie affair, anticipating a top-notch soirée. And they’re never disappointed. For 25 years, the ball has been held at numerous venues, including elegant waterfront estates. Many events feature a special theme — stunning themes like Cirque du Soleil, Night in Spain, Pulse of the Future — leaving guests feeling surprised, wowed and delighted. And for all of their fun, patrons have raised millions of dollars to provide top quality medical services at Cleveland Clinic Martin Health, formerly known as Martin Memorial.

Dr. Shamsher Singh has practiced dermatology in Port St. Lucie since 1980


Originally from Delhi, India, where he studied medicine, a young Dr. Shamsher Singh moved to Brooklyn to complete his medical residency at the State University of New York Health Science Center. After four tough winters in the North, he made his way down to sunny Florida in 1980.

“One year, they counted only 29 sunny days for the whole year! There was not a dermatologist in Port Saint Lucie, so I decided to move my family down here and opened my office,” Singh says with a smile. “I’ve been in this current location off of Hillmoor Drive, next to St. Lucie Medical Center, for 36 years.”

Dr. Moti Ramgopal


For Dr. Moti Ramgopal, being an infectious disease specialist is all about saving lives. He believes in improving the health of a community by taking care of it, one patient at a time. Driven by his altruism, a strong work ethic, and a lot of grit and compassion, he has been advancing infectious disease medicine for 20 years.

Ramgopal’s tireless devotion to providing quality medical care is a labor of love and has not gone unnoticed. He was awarded the Health Care Champion by Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers; the Frist Humanitarian Award from HCA Hospitals; and the FSU Guardian of the Mission Award.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Gerald Pierone


Dr. Gerald Pierone of Vero Beach had a front-row seat to one of history’s most critical epidemics in 1986.

It was the heart of New York City at Mount Sinai Hospital, and Pierone was completing an infectious disease fellowship when the AIDS epidemic exploded. As daily patient counts climbed, Pierone and his colleagues confronted an unprecedented disease with a stark mortality rate and an unrelenting ferocity. Nearly 95 percent of those infected were dead within two years.