Haiti Partners

Haiti Partners
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Haiti Partners
City in which main office is located:
Vero Beach
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Helping Haitians change Haiti through education

Do you have immediate needs because of the coronavirus pandemic?:
What are they?:
We are providing families of our students in Haiti (1200) with COVID-19 Prevention Kits, which include buckets with faucet (to facilitate handwashing because families don’t have running water), clorox, soap and laminated COVID-19 prevention flyer in Haitian Creole and with images. We are also facilitating for families to bring t-shirts to tailors to have masks sewn. This is an inexpensive way to ensure that virtually every Haitian can have a mask. Finally, with knowledge that the economy in Haiti is only going to get worse, we’re strengthening our gardening program by helping families get 55 gallon drums and simple spouting so that they can collect rain water from their roofs for watering their gardens.
How can people donate?:
For details about giving options (phone, online, check, etc.) visit: https://haitipartners.org/giving-options/
What kind of other specific help is needed?:
We are always looking for office volunteers. Once it’s safe to convene again.
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1531 US Hwy 1
Vero Beach
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