Vero Heritage, inc

Vero Heritage, inc
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Vero Heritage, inc
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Vero Beach
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Vero Heritage Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to Preserving, Educating and Celebrating Vero Heritage.

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Once on the city’s demolition list, the Heritage Center is owned by the City of Vero Beach. Since 1991, the nonprofit Vero Heritage, Inc has had the privilege of stewarding the venue, at no cost to the City. To be associated with a place where so many memories have been made for 85 years is an honor.

And now, the building is shut down.

Being shutdown means the nonprofit has already lost about $17,000 in potential income; more will be lost.

It also means refunding just under $5,000 in cancellations; more refunds will be issued.

Vero Heritage, Inc is struggling.

So much more than just a building, this place resonates with our community. A giving page has been created to help during this downturn and can be found on the nonprofit’s web page:

Please know that no matter what, whether you can support us now or later, we can’t wait to open our doors once again to your meaningful events real soon.

Thank you for your support for over 85 years!
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2140 14th Ave
Vero Beach
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